Help to trade unıon committee

What is the trade unions?

Trade union – union of  workers, which are gathered  by common industrial and professional interests by the nature of their activities.

Trade union – independent representative of the employees in the relationship with the employer.

Trade union negotiates with employers on behalf of employees and monitors concluded collective agreements, in which the prescribed benefits and social guarantees.

Trade union carries out public control over the implementation of labor legislation.

Unions to conduct public monitoring of safety and working conditions.

How to be a member of trade union

If your company has a primary trade union organization you should write an application to the trade union committee for membership in the union and the levying of trade union dues. Proof of membership in a trade union is a union card, which is issued by the trade union committee.

Before, to join a union, you may have access to the Charter and the primary trade union organization.

In accordance with the Law “On Trade Unions”, to create a primary trade union  it is enough to gather three people. But it is mandatory to be in the structure of local or sectoral trade union. Despite the fact that the primary cell is created without a legal entity, it is an authorized representative.